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Skinny Skin

Let’s face it — criticism is hard to take.

Is it my work? Is it my style? Or is it…just me?

I’m not into “psycho-babble”, but I can assure you…it’s NOT you.

Frankly Scarlette, nobody gives a damn.

You write…because you must. You’re you. You have a voice, maybe even a message.

At the end of the day, you are you.

And it’s enough. For me.

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Descriptor Abuse

As I read the offerings of others’ prose (which I do a bunch), I am struck by what I call “descriptor abuse”. Every noun must have its adjective, every verb its adverb.

The tiniest element of the button on the butler’s waistcoat merits extensive characterization.

I submit that the line between vivid description and the filler/fluff of purple prose is fine indeed.

Minimalism in literature has its place and plain English favors communication/understanding.


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The weather’s fine and the door’s wide open…let’s talk !!

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In literature… as in life, there isn’t always a happy ending. Marc



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The word “genre” — fine in and of itself. BUT, for a storyteller (that would be me) it’s a source of frustration. You see, I write short stories (sometimes VERY short stories) that address many genres. Problem is — since the decline of newspapers and magazines there are few avenues for publication. Many of the literary greats got their start with this format and using their resultant acclaim went on the bigger (better?) things.

Now however, in the internet age it is extremely difficult to find readers amidst the tsunami of electronic formats — all of which need to be addressed by “genre”.

Sooo…if you’re on a budget (that would be me again) it’s an overwhelming challenge. Add to that the myriad choices for entertainment that exist today…well, you get the point.

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Resurrection !! As you can see, it’s been QUITE a while since I visited my own blog. But it’s a new year and that’s gonna change. Meanwhile, the long-awaited (by me) publication of the Interludes collection has happened. Available in both print and Kindle versions at Amazon. Go ahead…take a peek !!

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Hello again…

Hope to hear from you. Am still waaay down on the blogging learning curve, but will try to make it worth your time !



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